01/23/2020 - foxtrot - WASH, Top Gun, and Sleepwalkers 123

AO: Foxtrot

When: 01/23/2020

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Wilson, Choo Choo, Smooth Operator, Wonder Woman, Chai, Rise Up, Southern Charm, Shrinky Dink, Whole Coconut


10 PAX at Foxtrot were brave enough to show up this morning and try some new moves and routines.  I’m not sure if I scared people off when I mentioned that I was shopping the F3 Exercon yesterday in my Pre-Blast or if ALL the sicknesses going around have some of our regulars out.  But, we missed you, regulars!  The new light timer is killing my warm ups these days.  I had Never Have I ever planned, but couldn’t see my paper to read the call outs!  So we started with some Michael Phelps and stretched until the lights came on.  Then we jumped into Never Have I Ever.  Everyone was ankle hopping, or fake jump roping.  If a person was guilty/experienced of the call out, they had to do 3 star jumps.
– Watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette

– Permed their hair

– Had a gel manicure

– Had Braces

– Worn Contacts

– Cried at a Disney Movie (Bambi and Lion King get me every time!)

We had a lot to do today, so after the quick warm up, we launched right into The Thang.  First up, The W.A.S.H.  We partnered up Dora style.  One person ran to the crosswalk and back.  The other started reps.
W – 50 Werkins (wide arm push ups)

A – 100 American Hammers (AKA Russian Twists) sets

S – 150 Step UPS sets

H – 200 Hip Thrusters (these are best demonstrated by your F3 in the comfort of your own home 😉😉)

Those step up sets really accumulated!  And those hip thrusters actually work your arms more than anything.  The ladies crushed it!  So we moved on to Top Gun!

Top Gun – 10 minutes AMRAP of 5 exercises, 10 reps each.  BUT, every minute on the minute you enter the Danger Zone and have to drop and do 3 burpees.  Then you pick right back up with your reps.  Since this is Top Gun, I stuck with the F3 intended Gun Show.
10 Bicep Curls

10 Side Extensions

10 Rows

10 Overhead Presses

10 Tricep Kickbacks

On the last 4 cycles, we added a Burpee to the Danger Zone, doing 4 each minute, to give us a total of 31 Burpees (in 10 minutes).  You can check off that Bingo Box!

Because the ladies weren’t toast just yet.  We kept going into Sleepwalkers 123.  Which is a fun cousin to Lt. Dan.  Hehehe.
1 Squat, 2 Toe Touches (like toy soldiers), 3 Walking Lunges.  Then 2 squats, 4 Toe Touches, 6 Walking Lunges.  Then 4,8,12.  Then 5,10,15. At this point the mumble chatter was very present and the legs were giving out, so we turned around and I promised some stretching when we reached the mats.  We hit 6,12,18 and 7,14,21, then hit the mats for some oh, so, good feeling stretches.  Next time we will make it to 10,20,30.

We circled up, prayed for SO, for SD’s coworker, and my friend.  Then we closed with name-o-Rama!

It feels so good to be back from travels and with my ladies again.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I promise to come dry your hair for you if you can’t feel your arms later!


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