07/07/2020 - valley - WE ARE SPARTA…..ish!

AO: The Valley

When: 07/07/2020

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Seinfeld, Ramsey, Sporty Spice, Kodak


With rain in the forecast this morning, I was relieved when I saw 2 PAX rolling in to workout with my 2.0 & I. The rain would have actually been a bonus & provided a refreshing break in the humidity, although…..of coarse it didn’t rain! But that was OK! That just meant more sweat. More sweat = more calories burned right? That’s what I tell myself….;)


We warmed up with a Route 66 – We started with 1 Burpee –> Run to the top of the hill for 2 Sumo Squats..back down, 3 Burpees –> Run to the top of the hill for 4 Sumo Squats & so on until we reached 11. We modified because of the hill “sprinting”..It was supposed to be all Burpees but not sure we would have been able to continue with jello legs…

Once we were warmed up (& by warmed up I mean dripping with sweat & barley breathing) we moved on to the Spartan (ish) beatdown!

I love a good quote, especially a SPARTAN quote! These are some of my favorites!! *See photo below….

I had 6 separate quotes printed out plus an exercise along with it face down..each PAX took turns “revealing” our next exercise & read the quote aloud along with the exercise. We shared our thoughts about it for a bit while we did each exercise. Very motivating & inspiring!! I love hearing different interpretations & perspectives! Everyone has a story if we just take the time to listen!!

#1 – 10 reps, #2 – 20 reps, # 3 – 30 reps, #4 – 40 reps, #5 – 50 reps, #6 – 60 reps

1.Renegade Rows  2.Kettlebell Squat  3.Reverse Crunch  4.Deadlifts  5.Squat Kickbacks  6.Russian Twists

We had just enough time to finish 2 complete rounds with a song challenge thrown in the middle led by my 2.0, Sporty Spice…TOOTSIE ROLL (She is my daughter!) – Upright Rows throughout & Overhead Press during the hook…which ended up being a variety of arm exercises because that was a long song!! We worked in Hammer Curls, Tricep Kickbacks & Bicep Curls.

Name O Rama, COT & Prayers for our FiA sisters & esp Canon & her family..we love ya girl! Thanks girls for joining me & listening to all my Spartan chatter!! AROO!!


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