12/27/2020 - windmill - We put on our big girl panties & ran…in the COLD! 🥶

AO: The Windmill

When: 12/27/2020

QIC: Inspector Gadget


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Prada, Inspector Gadget


I so did not want to get out of my warm bed this morning to run in the freezing cold weather but I’m so glad I did! Today was a reminder of exactly why I love FiA so much. I got there just before 7a & only had one other PAX join me. It happened to be someone I had never met before too. Normally this situation would have given me so much anxiety that I would have been very quiet but thanks to FiA, I welcomed meeting someone new & we had the best conversations. So much so that we both ran 4.5 miles without stopping at all just talking away. It’s the longest we’ve both ran without any walking in between & it just flew by since we were having so much fun. Making new friends (especially running friends) is the best! ❤️ 😊


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