01/14/2021 - valley - We Saw Our Names in Lights

AO: valley

When: 01/14/2021

QIC: Sugar Momma


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Sugar Momma, Seinfeld, Momma Bear, Kodak, Ramsey, Paperback


It was movie night at the Valley today and my VQ! The real stars of the show were the 5 incredible ladies that joined me for a Triple Feature this morning.  We all started off with layers of clothing, dressed for the extra chilly weather today and by the end of it we had all stripped down which I think is a good sign that we worked hard and got it done this morning!

The Thang:

We Warmed up the only way you can when you go to the movies – With Popcorn and a Drink. “Popcorn” consisted of 30 Seconds of quick feet followed by 10 Jumping jacks and Windmills in cadence. And a “Drink” was a lap to the water fountain down the hill and back up to our mats. Once we were nice and warm we headed to our First movie.

Theatre 1: Forrest Gump starring Lt. Dan (Squat/Lunge and ran laps in between)

10 squat – 40 lunges

9 squat – 36 lunges

8 squat – 32 lunges

7 squat – 28 lunges

6 squat – 24 lunges

*RUN FORREST RUN* – ran a lap

5 squat – 20 lunges

4 squat – 16 lunges

3 squat – 12 lunges

2 squat – 8 lunges

1 squat – 4 lunges

*RUN FORREST RUN* – ran a lap

Theatre 2- Captain Thor (BGS/ Russian Twists)

We did these straight through in the same ratio at 1:4 and worked our way up to 10 BGS :40 Russian Twists

After this movie we needed a “bathroom break” before heading to our 3rd and final Show- so we took another lap to the bathrooms down the hill and back up

Theatre 3: Top Gun w/ “The Danger Zone”

We did 5 “Gun” Exercises each for 1 min,  twice so 10 min total. But at the top of every Min we hit “The Danger Zone” which was 3 burpees. So we got 3o burpees in!


Overhead Press

Hammer Curls

Tricep Extensions

Overhead Claps


Movie Credits included – Stretching it out, COT, and Name0Rama

Thank you ladies for always cheering me on and making me feel like a real Movie star every time I’m at a workout! We really are #bettertogether


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