09/01/2022 - foxtrot - Welcome September

AO: Foxtrot

When: 09/01/2022

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Caliente, Shrinky Dink, Foster, Aquamarine, Walker, Chocolate Chip, Hallmark


I love September!  It is the start of all my favorites “ber” months.  And it was a little cooler this morning!  Bring it, Fall!
We warmed up with a Tabata timer warm up, spelling out September.  30 seconds on, 10 second break.  Just 1 round to get us warm.

S – skaters

E – Elephant Swings

P – Pick Ups

T – Toe Taps

E – Easy Everest

M – Monkey Humpers

B – Bear Squats

E – Easy Run in Place

R – Randys

We were all starting to sweat at this point so we got started on the Thang: Timed Doras, AMRAP style. We partnered up.  While one partner runs, the other works on reps.  Then they switch.  No counting, just AMRAP alternating exercises after each run.  9 minutes.

1. Sumo Squat with Knee to Elbow crunch, Lying Around the Worlds

2. Dara’s Lift to Hammer Curl, Reverse  Grip Rows

3.  Curtsy Lunge to Squat, Chicken Wing to OH Press

After our 3rd timed Dora, we had just enough time left to do 1.5 minutes of each of the following:

Weighted Sit Up to Russian Twist, Vertical Toe Touches

Phew!  It was a good one.  You can never go wrong with Dora.  We circled up and prayed, snapped a picture, and got on with our day.  Many of us got about 1.5 miles in this morning!



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