08/21/2020 - hideout - We’re Poets and We Know It…

AO: The Hideout

When: 08/21/2020

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Inspector Gadget, Charity, Journey, Certified, Stitch, Tiny Dancer, Domino


After being worried that it would rain this morning, we were super lucky that it held off for us to meet up at The Hideout this morning!  4 PAX met up super early to get some miles in together before the beatdown, and then a total of 7 lovely ladies got to work!

First we started with some warmups of arm circles, Michael Phelps and toy soldiers…and then…THE THANG.  The Thang today…celebrating National Poet’s Day by adding a little rhyming to our beatdown timing…


We love FiA so much it’s downright silly…

Even when they make us do… 25 SETS OF HILLBILLIES

5:30 is early, but more often than not

We’re willing to get up to do… 25 CROCKPOT SQUATS

Sometimes the boys of F3 be lurkin’

Stealing our beatdown ideas as we do… 25 MERKINS!

 Are you hoping this is over?  Are you hoping I’m done?

Alas I am not…now move your butts and… RUN!

 We work out when we’re well, we work out when we’re sick

We work out when Domino makes us do… 25 SETS OF DONKEY KICKS

The cold doesn’t stop us, nor does the hot

Although we may mumble when we do… 25 GOBLET SQUATS

But mumbling is good and your Q hopes for no less

When she adds into a beatdown…25 OVERHEAD PRESS

And still we’re rhyming…you know you’re having fun…

So once again, I tell you…move your butts and…RUN!

 FiA keeps us working hard so we look like snacks

We love what we do, even when it’s…25 PLANK JACKS

Our community is the best, and we love spending time with our girls

Supporting each other through everything, even…25 BICEP CURLS

We never looked back after our initial FiA plunges

We’ll never quit each other, even if we have to do…25 SETS OF WALKING LUNGES

And now I will stop rhyming before we see the sun

But only after one more time that you move your butt and…RUN!

We made it through this twice (although I only made them listen to the poem once…lol) and then for a third round, each PAX picked two exercises from the list and ran a lap and then another two and another lap.

Afterwards we fought with the camera for a few minutes trying to figure out how to NOT have the light in there…and then we gave up on that…took our picture and had COT and Name-O-Rama…leaving JUST in time to not get hit by the sprinkles that were coming in!

Thank you ladies for joining me this morning and putting up with my little rhyme…time with you is always sublime.  😉 Have a great day!


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