06/28/2021 - rock - What Would You Do?

AO: The Rock

When: 06/28/2021

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Forrest, Coach, Tex Mex, Rockstar, Sunshine, Blank Canvas, Cookie Monster, Snapdragon, her 2.0 Elsa, Straight Shooter


At ten to 6 I was thinking we would have a small group this evening then everyone started rolling in with a special surprise from Coach who came to The Rock for the first time.  We ended up 9 strong with a 2.0 as well.  It was hot but we got it done.  We started with neck rolls and went all the way down to our toes before we did some toy soldiers IC.  Next we started the Thang.

I gave the PAX the choice of exercises.  We did them 50 seconds on with 10 seconds rest.

Round 1

chair sit or plank

mountain climbers or plank jacks

Tricep kickbacks or push ups

monkey humpers or surrenders

LBC’s or bicycles

Then we took a lap

Round 2

chair sit or plank

smurf jacks or squats

side lunges or high knees

plank shoulder taps or plank up downs

skaters or ski jumps

Then we took a lap

Round 3

chair sit or plank

burpees or froggers

overhead press or scarecrows

glute bridges with leg lifts or hillbillies

in & outs or v ups

We then went thru it again but took out the laps.  Everyone had the choice of picking the same thing they did the first time thru or could do the other this time.

We then circled up for COT and name o rama.

We had a good laugh at Forrest’s shirt as it looked like the bad guy from Scream on the back (see the pic below).


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