12/23/2020 - lair - What’s Your Elf Name?

AO: The Lair

When: 12/23/2020

QIC: Semper Fi


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Very Berry, Hallmark, Straight Shooter, Chocolate Chip, Greyhound, Wonder Woman, Choo Choo, Semper Fi


Today was an awesome morning as 7 PAX joined me at the Lair.  Today we did an alphabet workout. But, instead of spelling our names with the exercises, we spelled out our new Elf names!  It was only fitting that with Christmas RIGHT around the corner, we get our Elf Names in order.  We need to be ready for Christmas Eve, as we help get Santa’s presents under the tree for the morning!

We warmed up with some joint rotations, first starting with the neck, shoulders, arms, hips, and then knees.  We did some Michael Phelps, then did some TTT and Toy Soldiers in cadence.  Then on to picking our names.

I had 2 cups, one filled with Elf First names and another filled with last names.  I had 10 names ready, so 2 were left unused.  I made sure every letter was accounted for.  But luck had it that we didn’t end up doing the burpees or the 1 min plank. Each PAX took a turn and picked from each cup, creating their name.

Wonder Woman – Perky Gumdrops

Greyhound – Squeezy Gingersnaps

Chocolate Chip – Jolly Sparkle Nose

Hallmark – Zippy McCheer

Choo Choo – Merry Monkey Buns

Very Berry – Sunny Tinsel Head

Straight Shooter – Spunky Sugar Socks (5 S’s!)

and me – Candy Angel Face

The Thang

The goal was to try to get through all the names, with a lap every 3 or 4th name.  I had planned a fun Christmas Trivia game as well if it was a smaller group,  but we only got through 5 Elf Names.  (Sorry Straight Shooter and Very Berry!)  We started with Wonder Woman, and then Greyhound, Chocolate Chip, Hallmark, and quickly finished with Choo Choo – Merry Monkey Buns.  We rushed through the buns part to finish on time! We paused to run a big parking lot lap after Chocolate Chip.   Here was the alphabet:

A – 1 min mtn climbers

B – 5 Jump squats

C – 5 Sumo squats

D – 1 min arm circles

E – 10 jumping jacks

F – 5 burpees

G – 10 merkins

H – 10 superman squats

I – 20 high knees

J – 10 lbc

K – lunges (5 each side)

L – 5 side lunges (5 each side)

M – 5 rev lunges (5 each side)

N – 10 front arm raises

O – 30 sec wall sit

P – 5 BGS

Q – 15 calf raises

R – 30 sec toe taps

S – 10 bicep curls

T – 5 donkey kicks (each side)

U – 20 jump ropes

V – 10 in & outs

W – 1 min plank

X – 10 around the worlds

Y – 10 OHP

Z – 10 flutter kicks

We finished with just enough time to do some OYO stretching while I got everyone’s names down.  We did COT and prayed for continued progress for Hallmark, for strength and support for Diggity Dog, and Baked Potato, along with all of the rest of our FiA sisters who need extra love today.  I think we all need a little extra love right now.  This time of year causes a lot of anxiety for a lot of folks, myself included.  My hope for you today is that you never forget how loved and special you are.  Every single one of you.  You all make me better, and I love starting my day with you.


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