06/23/2021 - arena - Wheel of hydration

AO: The Arena

When: 06/23/2021

QIC: Hairspray


Number of Pax: 18

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Maestro, Hot Wheelz, Paperback, Waffle Fry, Mission, Dunder, Switchback, Rebel, Billy Goat, Graphics, Rook, Hallelujah, Blaze, Trotter, Sunny, FNG’s Praise and Cinco


Today was National Hydration Day! Did you know that their are fruits and vegetables that can help with staying hydrated?! We played a wheel of fortune type game to guess the top 6 fruits or vegetables with the highest water content. We each took turns guessing letters and rolling the dice to see what workout we would be doing. There are a few twists to the game. We had a lot of fun and learned something too!

First, we warmed up! Thank you Waffle Fry for helping to lead the warm up!


Each PAX took a turn guessing a letter and rolling the dice. If they were wrong, everyone would do the exercise for that number and if they were right, everyone would do the exercises for that number. If the PAX wanted to buy a vowel, she had to do 5 burpees, roll the dice and everyone would do the exercise. If the PAX solved the word and was wrong, everyone would run a lap, if she was right, everyone would do 9 bear squats and then the second percent number times 10 seconds in plank.  I am including the board so hopefully this all makes sense. We got through the first 4 and then just guess the last two.

Words were

1. Cucumber 95%
2. Watermelon 92%
3. Lettuce 95%
4. Zucchini 94%
5. Celery 95%
6. Tomato 94%
Buy a vowel = 5 burpees + exercise
Wrong letter = roll dice for exercise
Correct letter = roll dice for exercise
Solve the puzzle = wrong answer – run a lap
Correct answer – 9 bear squats plus plank for X times 10 seconds(50 seconds, forty seconds, or 20 seconds)
 Wrong dice exercises
1. Merkins, 2. BGS, 3, Star Jumps, 4. Raggedy Ann’s, 5. Narwhal, 6. OHP
Right dice exercises
1. Chest Press, 2. Bourbons, 3. Angry Donkey Kicks, 4. Dolly’s, 5. Dying Cockroach, 6. Lunges
COT, Nameorama, Welcomed two FNG’s!


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