10/25/2020 - thicket - Who Are You Even?!?!

AO: The Thicket

When: 10/25/2020

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 18

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Artist, Chop, Inspector Gadget, Melody (2.0), Belle, Rock Star (2.0), Journey, Professor, Previ, Tiny Dancer, Pina Colada, Brookie Cookie, VonTrapp, Ultra, Blessing, Fusion (FNG), Tinsel (FNG), Domino


What a great morning to spend a little time with out friends and get to know more about each other! The rain held off as 18 beautiful ladies, including 2 FNG, met up and got in a fun morning workout.

After the normal warmups, we started playing a game. Each PAX had a couple of cards to choose from with both a question and a set of exercises. They would answer one of the questions and everyone had to do the exercises on the card. After ever 3rd person we ran a lap.

The questions answered/exercises done (x2 means it came up twice):

  • What job would you be terrible at? 20 Star Jumps
  • What is your dream job? 20 Jumping Jacks
  • What’s your biggest quirk? 20 Sumo Squats
  • What’s the best way to start the day? 20 Seal Jacks (x2)
  • What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done? 20 Merkins (x2)
  • What’s something you’re really good at? 20 Curtsy Lunge sets (×2)
  • What do you do for work? Do you enjoy it? 20 American Pie Sit Ups
  • What is somethung that always makes you smile? 20 Hallelulahs
  • What are you absolutely determined to do? 20 Plank Jacks
  • What makes you a good friend? 20 Imperial Walkers sets
  • What’s something you’re proud of? 20 Narrow Squat Kickbacks sets
  • What was your favorite vacation? 20 Bicep Curls
  • How would you spend a free day? 20 In and Outs
  • What’s number one on your bucket list? 20 Calf Raises
  • What takes up too much of your time? 20 Smurf Jacks x2
  • What is one of your hobbies? 20 Toe Taps
  • What is your best quality (personality)? 20 LBCs
  • Who inspires you? 20 Russian Twist sets
  • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 20 Imperial Squat Walkers sets
  • How did you get your FiA nickname? 20 Overhead Press
  • What are you looking forward to? 20 Shoulder Tap sets (x2)
  • Where are you from? 20 Prisoner Squats. (x2)
  • What do you wish you knew more about? 20 Toy Soldier sets
  • What is your guilty pleasure? 20 Overhead Tricep Extensions (x2)
  • What is the best thing that’s happened to you recently? 20 Plank Up Downs (x2)

After getting all these done and running our miles, we circled up for COT, Name-O-Rama and NAMIMG OUR FNGS, Tinsel (who loves Christmas!!) and Fusion (who loves to cook!).

Thanks for joining me, ladies!! I loved learning more about you and spending my morning with you!!


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