03/05/2022 - grove - Why the Rotary Phone Went Extinct

AO: The Grove

When: 03/05/2022

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Birdie, Dr. Doolittle, Spartan, Whole Coconut, Choo Choo, Caliente, Walker, Shrinky Dink


What a GREAT morning!  We had such a fun and lively crew this morning!  I received all sorts of compliments on my Beatdown Q like “this is a workout from Hell!” and “everything hurts and I’m DYING!”.  It has been a little while so I really loved all the compliments and mumble chatter!

We warmed up with stretches, arm circles, gate swings, and butt kicks.  Then we got started on The Old Rotary Phone.  The Rotary Phone was made for The Grove.  You run to the first mail box, do an exercise, then run back to the start, just like dialing an old rotary phone.  Do the exercises at home (the mats).  Then you run to the second mailbox and do an exercise, then run back to home and do the exercises there.  You keep going around the circle like you are dialing every number.
It isn’t an accumulator – you only do the exercise at the mailbox you run to (dial).  We go to 9 mailboxes, and then one last one for zero.  Here are the details:


1 – 10 Raggedy Anns

2 – 20 Tricep Dips on the Curb

3 – 30 Squats

4 – 40 Hillbillies

5 – 50 Scarecrows

6 – 60 Hallelujahs

7 – 70 Plank Jacks

8 – 80 Thigh Masters (lunge pulses)

9 – 90 Monkey Humpers

0 – 100 Curb Calf Raises

Home – 10 push ups, 20 Donkey Kicks, 30 Bear Squats

It was just under a mile and a half of running and we all worked up a sweat!

As we got done, we grabbed our weights and did some arms.

10 Overhead Presses

20 Upright Rows

30 Tricep Kickbacks

40 Bicep Curls

50 Randys

Then when everyone was done with the Rotary Phone and back, we did Abs:

10 BGSUs

20 Leg Lifts

30 Side Crunches

40 Russian Twists

50 LBCs

60 Pretzel Crunches

Everyone should have burned over 400 calories – it was tough and we were all complaining, but with big smiles on our faces. It felt good!

Welcome to The Grove Caliente and Walker!  It was GREAT having you!  Please keep coming – I won’t kill you every Saturday, I promise!


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