06/12/2020 - hideout - Women of Steel

AO: The Hideout

When: 06/12/2020

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 12

Number of FNGS: 5

Pax Names:

Kodak,Charity, Fancy Boots, Southern Charm, Stitch, Blessing, (FNG) Chef, (FNG) Certified, (FNG) Chief, (FNG) Okra, (FNG) Professor


WHAT A MORNING and what a way to celebrate National Superman Day!!  Twelve PAX (including FIVE FNGs!  WHOOP!) joined up this morning to celebrate the Man of Steel by being WOMEN OF STEEL and beating our kryptonite!!

First we started with some light warm-ups of arms circles, Michael Phelps, and jumping jacks in cadence…and then we jumped into that Superman THANG!


S – 20 Skaters (sets)

U – 20 Upright Rows

P – 20 Prisoner Squats

FLY!!!  (Run the big loop)

E – 20 Elevated Merkins

R – 20 Reverse Lunges (sets)

M – 20 Mountain Climbers (sets)


A – 20 Around the Worlds

N – 20 Narrow Squats

K – 20 Kamikaze Planks (stolen from Valor… mountain climber set, plank jack, shoulder taps set equals 1)

FLY!!!  (Run the big loop)

R – 20 Renegade Rows (sets)

Y – 20 Y-Raises

P – 20 Peter Parkers (sets)

FLY!!!  (Run the big loop)

T – 20 Toe Taps (Sets)

O – 20 Overhead Press

N – 20 Narrow Squats with kickbacks (sets)

FLY!!!  (Run the big loop)

I – 20 Imperial Walkers (sets)

T – 20 Tricep Dips

E – 20 Extensions (Tricep)

FLY!!!  (Run the big loop)

And, finally, because #TeamMarvel4Evah, we finished up with a Captain Thor ab routine!

We kept moving the whole time and everyone killed it this morning!

Afterwards, spent time naming our 5 new FNGs!  Everyone say welcome to Chief, Chef, Certified, Okra, and Professor!!!

Followed by COT and Name-O-Rama.

Thanks for coming out this morning, ladies!  I love being surrounded by these amazing superheroes of ladies and can’t think of a better way to start my day!


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