11/22/2021 - union - Wonder Dog

AO: The Union

When: 11/22/2021

QIC: Wonder Woman


Number of Pax: 14

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Diggity Dog, Valor, Hallmark, Chocolate Chip, Spartan, Aquamarine, Guac, Ultra, Lenox, Greyhound, Smooth Operator, Rise-Up, Semper Fi


14 PAX at AO The Union on my 44th Birthday. We had a great group for a short warm up at 5:00 AM. When it came closer to 5:30 our group grew and grew.  14 got up … got out … and got it done. Diggity Dog started playing our amazing play list to get us motivated to get moving. The rain rolled in but that didn’t stop us from getting the job done. Thank goodness it was not that cold. Rain or not we finished the workout.

WARM UP –  Deconstructed burpee: 45 seconds Boot Strappers, 45 seconds Push Ups, 45 seconds Bobby Hurley’s

(Boot strappers: plank position, jump feet in towards hands and back out to plank. Bobby Hurley: squat, touch ground, jump up like you’re shooting a basket.)

Warm up Lap


44 REPS for each exercise 

W – Walking Lunges – Each

O – Over Head Press – Weighted

N – Narrow Squats

D – Dead lifts

E – Elevated Curb Toe Taps – Sets

R – Russian Twists – Each

D – Donkey Kicks – Each

O – Overhead Tricep Extensions – Weighted

G – Glut Bridges

We did a full lad after three exercises. 44 reps for each exercise.

We ran this workout till the end of the 45 minute workout. We took a group picture, had COT, prayers, Namorama and then coffee. It was a great workout for all. We did get a little wet but we finished it together.

Thank you ladies for making me feel so special on my Birthday. It was a perfect way to start my day. I love you all.


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