06/22/2021 - union - Work it out, and the rest will follow

AO: The Union

When: 06/22/2021

QIC: Diggity Dog


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Smooth Operator, Greyhound, Valor, Guac, Hallmark, Golden Rule, Chinchilla, Diggity Dog


7 amazing ladies joined me at the Union before the sun rose this morning. Smooth Operator was already there getting her steps in at 5, while the rest of the PAX filed in before 5:30.
We did some stretching on our own to start. Focusing on what may already be sore. Then some SSH in cadence before we ran the big loop for a (pretty swift) Indian run.  The ladies shouted out their fav thing about the 4th of July. Things from fireworks to 5ks were part of the chatter.

Next it was on to the Thang:

We grabbed our gloves and mats, and headed over to the hills at the front of the parking lot.  The task was to do 11s with burpees at the bottom of the hill, then backpedaling up the hill, and deconstructed burpees at the top (squat jump and Merkin).  We started with 10 burpees at the bottom, and 1 squat jump/1 Merkin at the top.  This one proved to be a great cardio and strength combo.  We were pretty drenched in sweat by the end of it, and the humidity did not help!

Next we moseyed over to the side of the school to get set up for some more….cardio 😁

We started at the first street sign and did a bear crawl to the second sign. Then sprinted to 3rd sign, and broad jumps to sign 4. Lastly another sprint to sign 5.  We continued past sign 5 and ran a big loop back to the start.  We did 3 rounds of this.

Next up was leg burnout.  It went like this:

All AMRAP for 30 seconds each w/o rest between:

Sumo squat jumps

Alt lunge jumps

High knees

We took a quick breather after round one, then did it again. All I have to say is…jello legs

We only had a few minutes left, so we did a song challenge. “Free your  mind” by En Vogue. Sumo squats with weights to tempo, and held a weighted sumo squat during the chorus.  There were a few choruses that did not want to end, but everyone crushed it.

We circled up and prayed for Charity and our FiA sisters. Also for our first responders and the family of fallen police officer Joe Burson.
Those ladies who needed to scoot after 45 min went ahead, but 5 of us stayed back for some 15 min abs.  We each called out the exercise and number of reps, and did them together.

Always the BEST way to start my week off is at the Union with these amazing ladies.  Thank you for joining me! Hope y’all have an amazing week! 😎


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