02/18/2022 - foxtrot - Working Out Our Feelings

AO: Foxtrot

When: 02/18/2022

QIC: Partly Cloudy


Number of Pax: 12

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Shrinky Dink, Bourbon, Dr. Doolittle, Goldie, Sweet Tea, Aquamarine, Thin Mint (FNG), Semper Fi, Wonder Woman, Tiny Dancer, Foster


This week has been a hard one. Dr. Doolittle and I both had to say goodbye to our sweet 16 year old pups.  Sweet Prada received news that she was hoping she wouldn’t.  Semper Fi is worrying about her child.  Wonder Wiman is grieving and missing her Mama.  So many of us are not ok right now.  I thought perhaps we should work through some of our emotions together.  So, that is what we did today.
We warmed up with arm circles, stretches, gorilla swings, TTTs in cadence, and Toy Soldiers in cadence.  Then we got started.

We did 3 Timed AMRAPS, each an emotion.

First up was Anger – 15 Minutes:

17 Half Burpees

17 Shoulder Taps

17 Punches

17 Kicks of Choice

17 Woodchops

17 Flutter Kicks

Then we ran a lap.  I encouraged the ladies to really run and put their anger into their speed.  We repeated until our 15 minute timer went off.

Next up was Sadness, for 13 minutes.  These moves were meant to be slow and deliberate.

17 Tricep Kickbacks

17 Deadlifts

17 Side Lunges

17 Chicken Wings

17 Superman’s

17 Reverse Crunches

We moseyed a lap and repeated until the timer went off.

Last we moved on to peace for 12 minutes.  These moves were meant to be completed with strength.

Pilates 100

17 Around the Worlds

17 Lunges

17 Push Ups

17 Leg Lifts

17 OH Presses

Lt. Dan (1 squat, 4 walking lunges, then 2 & 8, then 3 & 12) down the lane and run back.  Thankfully we only had to LT. Dan once!  We completed the exercises again until the timer went off.

We stretched, snap a pic, and circled up.  We had a lot of prayer requests this morning.  There is a lot to be sad about right now.  I encourage each of you to think about one good thing that happened today and focus on that good.  My focus is this beatdown and my friends and my strong body.

We met our FNG and named her Thin Mint since she loves to bake and cook all things, but chocolate and mint are her favorites!

We did our name-o-Rama and then went to face the rest of our day.  Thank you ladies for helping me process my feelings this morning!!


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