05/18/2021 - den - Yoga Inspired Kraken

AO: The Den

When: 05/18/2021

QIC: Anchor


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Honey Crisp, Semper Fi, Straight Shooter, Whole Coconut, Partly Cloudy, Hallmark, Megaphone, Mater, Rise Up, Southern Charm, Mater, Golden Rule, Katniss (FNG), Choo Choo


WooHOO ladies! We had a pretty even vote on Power Yoga vs Traditional Q so that birthed our first Yoga Inspired Kraken! Set to 90’s music because I mean if I’m gonna kick your booty with yoga, we should jam while we do it! Eight exercises, 8 sets and a WHOLE lotta running! (I clocked about a mile and a half!)

Here’s our thing:

Quick warm up with Sun Salutation As and demos of the eight exercises.

Exercises posted on 8 cones, set up in a large circle

Pick a cone/exercise to start – complete 8 reps or sets (depending on exercise), run one large lap around the circle of cones. Run to next cone and complete exercise – repeat! All the way around the circle. I think we were able to complete about 1 and a half full laps in our time today.


  • Marching Glute Bridges
  • Yoga Burpees (Plank, jump to Malasana squat, pulse, jump to plank, down dog)
  • Inchworms with Spider Mans
  • Chair pose with toe taps
  • High lunge with bicep curls to overhead press
  • Sheeba Squats
  • Goddess crunches (hold Goddess squat while you reach R and L, twist R and L = 1)
  • Tricep dips

We wrapped with floating frogs (Rise Up’s FAVORITE!), pigeon and thread the needle stretching and spent a few blissful minutes in savasana before counting our blessings and naming our amazing new FNG – WELCOME KATNISS!

Hope you enjoyed it ladies!! I know I did – let me know when you start feeling the yoga burpees! 🙂


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