06/28/2020 - pack - You Got This!

AO: The Pack

When: 06/28/2020

QIC: Whole Coconut


Number of Pax: 12

Number of FNGS: 2

Pax Names:

Megaphone(FNG), Pavement Princess (FNG), Anchor, Elevation, Wonder Woman, Partly Cloudy, Inspector Gadget, Domino, Diggity Dog, Smooth Operator, Killer K


“You got this.”  Three very powerful words. Words that calm. Words that encourage. Words of surrender. Words that come with an ounce or two of grit and determination. Words that boost confidence and tap into the energy reserves we didn’t know we had.

Kicking off today, Partly Cloudy shared a message she’d heard on the way over about challenges coming our way to teach us to trust God and His power to bring us through them. Boy, have we had challenges lately with all that is happening in life and this season. In those times of struggle and we can’t keep going we whisper or cry out to Him, “God, You got this.”

Thankfully we are blessed with a sisterhood to pick us up when we struggle. We are better together when we come together. As we look around we see support, love and encouragement abound. We see our FiA sister giving her best effort. She’s working hard. We call out to her, “Girl, you got this!”

Sometimes the challenge is still our own. We have lofty goals. We push ourselves for more. We find ourselves digging deep whether it’s the first mile or the last. We put it all out there. We work hard and we tell ourselves, “You got this.”

Today’s Pack was another testament to the love, sisterhood, and strength on display that is FiA. I found myself running solo for 10 miles today which is a crazy distance in 100% humidity and 72F. But I wasn’t alone. It seemed that just when I needed it, I would hear again, “You got this!”

The Pack continues to amaze me. Week two and we’ve settled in pretty well in our summer “home” at Etowah Park.  I hope to see more of our FiA sisters out for a few miles and smiles on a Sunday soon.

Don’t ever doubt what you’re capable of doing. Sister, YOU GOT THIS!

Whole Coconut 🥥


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