03/04/2021 - valley - YOUnique Tabata

AO: valley

When: 03/04/2021

QIC: Kodak


Number of Pax: 8

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Canon, Mama Bear, Paperback, Rose`, Sugar Mama, Seinfeld, Ramsey, Kodak


7 beautiful ladies came out to join me @ The Valley today to get some much needed Vitamin D!! Bingo box ✔! A few of us even arrived a little early to get some steps in before our YOUnique Tabata beatdown…


45 sec on – 10 sec rest – 1 Round = 3 circuits  – Arms, Abs, Legs –>RUN/SPRINT/WALK

Each circuit had a list of Exercises for PAX to choose from. The idea was to do what YOU need/want for the 45 sec. You could choose a different exercise each time or stick to 1 or 2..the choice was yours. We all need different parts worked at different times so this gave everyone an opportunity to do what was best for them personally. And who knows you better than you?? YOU!

We split up into groups of 3/3/2 – one group started @ Legs, one @ Arms & one @Abs then we rotated for each timed circuit.

We continued several rounds until time ran out…Somewhere in the middle, to break it up, I tried out a new Song Challenge since we didn’t have any little ears around…sorry ladies, but you know it has a good beat!!

  • Body (Megan Thee Stallion) – The “clean” version 😂🤣 (there really needs to be a “no cuss words” rating because there is NOTHING clean about this song!! Anyway…after a quick song disclaimer, apology, etc… I explained the 2 moves for this one.. “funky” squat walkers throughout & straight leg jump ropes (to the beat) for the “Body” hook…or a modification of high knees 😉

After catching our breath from the heat (Yass Lord! 🙌) we cooled down with some OYO stretches, COT & Name O Rama. What a lovely day to spend with some lovely YOUnique ladies!! Thank you for your motivation, determination & support!! Love yourself today!! Mind, BODY & Soul! 😘



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