Bear Crawl BEAST!!

4 PAX for a Ruck workout at AO The Hideout this morning. Warm, humid & an awesome day for a GORUCK workout Day 3!!

Thank you Inspector Gadget for letting me high-jack your Q and lead this bear crawl beast of a workout. And thank you ladies for joining me and killing it. It so much nicer to get it done with a group of people you like to be around. #bettertogether

The 1 mile Ruck started at 5:00 am for Harley Quinn and I. We walked around the car pool lanes as we caught up on life, Easter celebrations and what was in store for the upcoming weekend. When our mile was done we measured the 25 M that we would bear crawl for our workout. We the other two FiA’s showed up at 5:30 we prepped for our workout.

We put on some Rock Music and as a group we stretched to wake up and make sure our muscles knew there was a challenging workout coming. And then the fun began. We had cones 25 M away to help us know our stopping point for our bear crawls. So for our Suitcase Carries we went down to the cones, around and back to the start. Then our 10 Ruck High Pulls and finished up with our 25 M bear crawl. Bear Crawls SUCK!


Ruck 1 mile

10 set:

50 M Suitcase Carry

10 Ruck High Pulls

25 M Bear Crawl

This was a beast of a workout. We started and finished together. We go it done!! Stronger and way better together!! Great job ladies.

Then we had our COT with high fives, hugs, prayers and the nameorama. Finishing on time!!

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