Better Together: Partner UP

6 PAX and 5 littles finished out a misty beatdown at the Thicket this morning.

FNG Kelly, now Canon85, is a photographer who loves her Canon camera and 85 lens.  She also loves to walk and jog around JB Owens on Mondays and has seen FiA, but hadn’t connected yet.  Today, I managed to cross paths with her at a point where I wasn’t head-down in the beatdown, so I invited her to join us and she excitedly jumped right in!  Way to go Canon85!  Your adventurous attitude is going to fit in well here.  Welcome.


Run a lap

10 toy soldiers I.C.

10 windmills I.C.

Run a lap

10 squats I.C.

10 pushups I.C.


PAX partnered up according to intensity level and a *modified Dora ensued.

Note: PAX ran a lap between exercises and we had time for two rounds

100 Squats & (*partner held an Air chair while other partner did 1 squat, then they switched rolls.  Next time, I’ll change it to 5 reps instead of 1)

100 Pushups & (*Plank) – the second round we modified the number of pushups-

100 Big Girl Situps & (*Pilates hold)  – the second round, we did LBCs –

100 Jumping Jacks & Sprint to the parking lot (regular Dora style)

Cool Down:

10 Toy Soldiers I.C.

10 Windmills I.C.

Stretch glutes, hamstrings, arms

COT, NameOrama, Picture.

We chatted afterward for a good bit.

I hope everyone had a great day.  Thanks for coming out on this misty day and I hope you agree that we were Better Together. – Tiny Dancer

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