Beverly Hills 90210 Reunion “Cha Boochie, Roll Call”

It was an exciting day at the Arena. 90210….the zip code watched around the world. Today is the day. 6 PAX joined in on the excitement, and “fun” was had by all. The playlist was a mixed bag of songs with the word, “California”, artists from California, and artists from Canada (because Jason Priestly is Canadian). Now, that part was fun. We did some warm up stretches, SSH (IC) and on to:


Beverly Hills 90210 Roll Call

Each letter of the alphabet is associated with an exercise. Here are the words we spelled:

Beverly Hills


Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Dylan, Andrea, Donna and David.

For every double letter, we did 10 reps of an exercise and ran a lap, and the 90210 zip code represent the number of reps of said exercise.

A – Burpees – 10

B – Curtsy Lunges – 20 (total)

C – Crab Cakes – 20 (total)

D – Star Jumps – 9

E – Scare Crows – 20

F – Mountain Climbers – 20 (total)

G – Burpees – 10

H – Jump Squats – 9

I – Super Mans – 20

J – Single Leg Dead Lifts – 20 (total)

K – Chicken Wing to Overhead Press – 20

L – Bourbons (10) and Run a Lap

M – Around the Worlds – 20

N – Big Girl Sit Ups (10) and Run a Lap

O – Toy Soldiers – 20 (total)

P – Squats – 20

Q – Push Ups – 20

R – Alternate Lunges – 20

S – Burpees – 10

T – Rosalitas – 20

U – Imperial Squat Walkers – 20 (total)

V – In and Outs – 20

W – Wind Mills – 20

X, Y, Z – Extra Long Lap around the Arena including hills and stairs

Well, we made it through Beverly Hills, California, and Brandon. SO MANY BURPEES! I thought I brilliantly spaced out the burpees throughout the alphabet, and when you spell words, those letters are grouped together….oh, boy! Finally we decided to work through the rest of the letters, and made it through most of them. Sugarland led us in 20 around the worlds, and all PAX checked off a Bingo square. We cooled down, and circled up for COT, and named out FNGs. Welcome, Mama Bear and Azule.

Until Next Time,

Rise Up

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