Big Blue in the House!

3 PAX at the Ball Ground beat-down this evening!! Warm temperatures, a slight breeze and a tiny bit of rain were a great mix for this evenings workout.

Warm up & stretch

Song – I want to be better

10 knee pulls

10 foot pulls

10 toy soldiers

10 windmills

10 full arm circles

A few mat stretches

The Thang –

Play the game “Have you ever?!”

Yes – right – Full body skips

No – left – grapevines

1-Have you ever been skydiving?

2-Have you ever been to Greece?

3-Have you ever been roller skating?

4-Have you ever been on a cruise?

5-Have you even tried dipping your fries in your milkshake?

6-Have you ever been mountain biking?

7-Have you ever run a Marathon or Triathlon?

8-Have you ever swam with dolphins?

9-Have you ever had too many tequila shots in one night?

10-Have you ever been to California?


Jumping Jacks

Squats with a leg lift

We all ran down the parking lot, around the island and back to our mats between the exercises.

We all ran to the end of the parking lot did our exercises. Then we ran back to the mats for the other exercises. We kept moving for the duration of the whole song.

Bad Romance- Lady Gaga 4:54

10 – Raggedy Ann’s

10 – Hallelujah’s

Abs – Box of Abs

Russian Twists


Flutter Kick

Reverse Crunches

Etc. !!!

Nameorama, high fives & upcoming events!

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