Birmingham Alabama Launch, 3rd Saturday

29 PAX came out to the brand new AO “G.I. Jane” on Saturday to get a little bit better together with a beat-down for Chocolate Chip and myself, Wonder Woman. We made sure to start on time as a few ladies came in a little tardy. We all circled up, I introduced myself, I said the Disclaimer, we stared our watches and we jumped into our warm up.

~ Warm-Up ~

10 X 4 count all in Cadence

ACF – Arm Circles Forward

ACB – Arm Circles Back

TTT – Through The Tunnel

TS – Toy Soldiers

JJ – Jumping Jacks

WM – Wind Mills

At this time we split the group in half and Chocolate Chip took half of the group for her 22 minute workout. She did her workout for 22 minutes, I did my workout for 22 minutes and then we switched the groups of ladies. All of the PAX did both parts of the workout, they rocked it and made it look good doing it!

~ The Thang ~

The PAX did 3 X 5 minute Dora’s. (Partnered up with another PAX, collective totals )
1: PAX A – Planked while PAX B ran to the cone, did 20 Star Jumps and ran back to PAX A, switch and repeat for the full 5 minutes!

2: PAX A – Held a Squat, while PAX B did grape vines to the cone, did 20 Merkins and did grape vines back, switch and repeat for 5 minutes!

3: PAX A – Did Monkey Humpers, while PAX B ran to the cone, did 20 Curtsy Lunges (total) and ran back, switch and repeat for 5 minutes!

After the last Dora the PAX sprinted to the flags for a round of High Fives, a few motivational words and switched the groups.

The second group was doing (2) 11’s as a group. (Counting up or down to always end with 11)

1: 11’s with Bourbons & Merkins

2: 11’s with Bicycles & Squats with a Leg Lift (on each side)

Straight Shooter kept us on time as we did the 44 minute of workout, a few minutes in between and 10 minutes of warm up and cool down. We stopped with 4 minutes till 8:00 am. I knew we had FNG’s to name. We did a round of High Fives, Partly Cloudy said an amazing group prayer and we had a nameorama. We named the FNG’s and gave mad respect to all our ladies that killed it out on the field. At that time we moved our group over to the pavilion and started the Q school. There was a great group of ladies that stayed for the 45 min Q school. Partly Cloudy gave them take homes and answer any questions that was asked.

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