Birthday ABC’s

10 PAX came out this beautiful early morning to the beatdown!!

We had 1 FNG today, Choo Choo (Welcome!!!)

The Thang

Yesterday was my birthday, so the amount of reps was based on my new age! (22) I chose an exercise for every letter of the alphabet and we did 22 reps of each exercise. Every five exercises, we ran a lap. After the letter Y, for letter Z, we power skipped a lap– that was INTENSE!

Here it is:

A: Alternating Shoulder Taps (22 each side)

B: Bicycle Crunches (22 each side)

C: Curtsy Lunges (22 total)

D: Dying Cockroach

E: Elevated Heel Touch (Basically in-and-outs)

*****Run a lap*****

F: Froggers

G: Goblet Squats

H: High Knees

I: Imperial Walkers

J: Jumping Jacks

*****Run a lap*****

K: Kick Backs (with weights)

L: LBC’s

M: Mountain Climbers (22 each side)

N: Narrow Push Up

O: Overhead Tricep Extension

*****Run a Lap*****

P: Peter Parker

Q: Q’s Choice (Jump Squats)

R: Reverse Crunch

S: Speed Skaters

T: Tricep Dips

*****Run a Lap*****

U: Upright Row

V: V-Ups

W: Wide Arm Push Up

X: X-abs (alternating jackknives)

Y: Y-raise (supermans)

Z: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah (Power Skip a Lap!)

We had about ten minutes leftover so we decided to do bag of abs, courtesy of Sugarland. We finished it off with some stretches, and then prayed for each other as we prepare for the day the Lord has given us.

What a great way to begin the day!

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