Four PAX appeared this morning for a running workout which is usually not the case when I am Q.  I must have scared everyone with my preblast as fewer people came out but those who did were certainly mighty.


Quad stretches, runner’s lunges, jumping jacks

The thang:

21’s (also known as Blackjack).  Two exercises, one at the top and bottom levels of the parking lot.  Total of exercises always equals 21.  Increase the number at the lower parking lot each round while decreasing those at the top.  Round 1 had one upright row, run to the top parking level, 20 squats and run back.  Round 2 had 2 upright rows, run, 19 squats, run back.  Keep doing over and over and over until you have 20 upright ones and 1 squat.

We then had enough time to do 8 different ab exercises.  Today was 8/21 hence the 21’s and 8 ab exercises.  We did 20 of each exercise, not sets:

Russian Twists

Dead Bugs




Flutter Kicks

Big Girl Sit Ups


We then took our picture, had prayer, and name o rama.

Flock it 5K is THIS SUNDAY at Etowah Park at 6:00 with the party/meeting immediately following at 7:00.  Please at least come out to the party so we can talk expansion, leadership, socials, convergence, etc.  We would love to have your input.

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