Body Burnin’ 100 Rep Workout

Thank you 8 Pax for showing up for my birthday Q on this hot muggy morning and sticking with me with some major calorie burn so I can have my cake and eat it too….

Warm Up: We started out with some static stretching to get those muscle loose. Then we completed some jumping jacks, butt kicks to get the heart rate up some.

Thang: 5 rounds of group exercises covering a full body workout, followed up with 100 jumping jacks after each round. We concentrated on slow controlled movement to really feel those muscles work.

Round One: 25 Reps each of Bicep curls, Shoulder Press, Tricep Ext., T Raises

Round 2: 25 reps each of Pushups, Chest flies ( add a butt bridge for extra), incline pushups, chest press.

Round 3: 25 reps each of deadlift, upright rows, bent over rows, deadlift

Round 4: 25 reps each of squats (add shoulder press for extra), right then left lunges (add bicep for extra), sumo squat

Round 5: 25 reps each of LCB, Bicycles, reverse crunch, tabletop reaches

Complete with a lap around large loop and then Smooth Operator closed us out with some yoga stretches to cool us down.

Finished with our COT and naming of our FNG. A Shout out to Shrinking Dink for Coffee and some amazing muffins.

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