Bootleg Day!

6 awesome FiA sisters joined me bright and early this morning at The Union! It was great to see their beautiful faces, and get the party started!  Our focus this morning was the booty and the legs.  The goal was to burn them out, and tighten them up!
We first did some stretching, and warmed up with an Indian Run around the school and back.

The Thang:

We started off with weighted curtsy lunges, 15 each side.  We used our heavier weights for all of these exercises this morning too.  We put one dumbbell on our right shoulder and did a deep curtsy back behind the right leg, with the left leg.  All the weight should be on your leg that stays put.  After the curtsy, we kept our foot off the ground, and pressed it out to the left side.  Then right back into another curtsy with the same leg.  We worked on keeping our “curtsy leg” off the ground through all 15 reps, and pushed up through the opposite heel in order to work our glutes.  After we did 15 on one side, we immediately went into 15 on the other side w/o any down time.

Next on to Camel Surrenders.  You start sitting on your heels, with a dumbbell across your chest.  The camel is when you press up your butt/hips to then be on your knees.  Then the surrender part is when you lift one knee (we started on the left) to a squat position, then the other knee to the other side, and stay in a low squat the whole time.  You hold this low squat, and then go back to your knees one at a time.  Then back to starting position sitting on your heels.  Rinse and repeat x 10 with the left leg being the first to lift to squat position.  Then immediately go into 10 with the right leg being the first up into squat position.

Once finished with the first round of 2 exercises, we ran with high knees down the parking lot, and sprinted back to start another round of exercises.

Next was Bear Fire Hydrants.  It is done like a usual fire hydrant, but you are in a bear crawl position.  The goals are to get your stable knee to be as close to the ground as possible w/o touching, and to keep the leg/foot that is working off the ground the entire set of reps.  We did 15 of these lifting the right leg first, and then immediately switched to 15 on the left leg.  We did 2 sets on each side of these as well.

Then on to weighted reverse lunges.  Load the weight on your right shoulder to start, lunge your left leg back and push the knee as far to the ground as you can w/o touching.  Then come back up and swing same leg that lunged up to a 90 degree angle in front of you.  Then straight into the second lunge with the same leg, and never letting the foot touch the ground.  When you are coming up from the lunges, always push through the heel that is staying in front.  We did 15 of these on the same side, and then switched.

Again, once finished with these two exercises, we ran with high knees down the parking lot, and sprinted back to start another round.

Our last round started with single leg weighted glute bridges.  You lie on your back with knees up and feet flat on your mat.  Put a dumbbell on your left leg, with one end of it resting on your hip, and the other lying upwards on your thigh.  Hold the dumbbell in place, and press the heel of the other leg up towards the sky.  Always keeping your heel pointing up, and your butt off the ground, you press your hips up like a glute bridge, and then down.  We did 15 of these each side, and also 2 sets of each.

Last but not least were Buddha Squats.  Start with a weight across your chest, and your mat behind you.  Legs shoulder width apart.  Start with the left leg and step back onto mat, then sit all the way down onto your heel.  Keep your right foot where it was from the start, and push up through your right heel to come back to a starting position.  Do 10 on one leg, and then 10 on the other leg.

One more high knees down and sprint back in the parking lot.

We ended with our friends Sally, and Baby Shark x 2  (always a shout out to Partly Cloudy for this one)!

COT with prayers for our FiA sisters, all Moms during the summertime, and praises for all he does for us EVERYDAY!

Name-O-Rama, and Happy Birthday to Killa!!!!

We are gathering food for Macedonia’s free lunch program this week! Please bring them to a beatdown soon!

Have an AMAZING week!!

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