Braves Beatdown

9 awesome ladies joined me bright and early this morning at Foxtrot 🦊! It was tough getting out of bed this morning after some hard FiA beatdowns this week, but that did not stop them!  💪🏼

We started off the morning with some stretching:

Big arm circles forward x 10

Squat and up, then twist to right x 10

Big arm circles back x 10

Squat and up, then twist to left x 10

Wide squat and rock to left, then to right x 10

Squat (pray) and then touch ground with both fingers between feet x 10

In tribute to our awesome Atlanta Braves, we “played” FiA baseball this morning.  Here is how the thang went down:

First we had to get to the stadium, so we ran Route 66 to get there.  For those of you that were at the Union on Monday, you know full and well what this is.  To start, you run to the first light post, stop and do a burpee.  Jump up, and run on to the second light post, do 2 burpees. Then on to the third, and three Burpee’s, etc…  You continue this through the parking lot until you get to 11 light posts. At this point you have done 66 BURPEES!!!  And boy were we feeling it! Ugh!  That is definitely one way to get those juices flowing early in the morning!

Then on to Baseball now that we are at the “stadium”!  I put out bases as far apart as possible in the parking lot, and labeled them with the following:

The idea was to:

Start at home plate- do 40 reps of shoulder press

High knees to 1st base- do 40 reps of monkey humpers

Lunge walk to 2nd base- do 40 reps Carolina Dry Docks

High knees to 3rd base- do 40 reps of squat jacks

Lunge to home plate

Run lap around bases once you have made it back to home plate before you start round 2

You continue the same route, but change the amount of reps to the following:

30 reps

20 reps

10 reps

And always run a lap around before starting each set

We did  not quite make it all the way through, but finished up after we did 20 reps around the bases.

The ladies that came out we’re definitely working HARD, and pushing themselves. They all did amazing!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

We ended with some much needed stretching on our mats. Then we circled up, and prayed for each other and our families.  Name-o-Rama was next, and then we headed off into the sunrise. 😊🌞

Thank you ladies for joining me this morning!  Love my FiA sisters!!!


Make sure you are checking off those Bingo Boxes!!!

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