Breaking News: No PAX went missing in the Bermuda Triangle

8 PAX showed up this morning to work! Major shout out to Hallmark for coming out just 2 days after her first beat down! 

We warmed up with a lot of lower body stretching- side to side lunge pulses, hamstring stretches and then did some upper body chest openers and arm circles. We topped off the warm up with an Indian Run and found out where everyone would be spending the 4th of July. We ended our run back at our mats and grabbed our gloves.

1. First Up- The Bermuda Triangle: 3 cones were placed in a triangle, each about 20 yards apart. Pax had to bear crawl to first cone, do a burpee, bear crawl to the second cone, do 2 burpees, then bear crawl to the third cone, do 3 burpees, and then rinse and repeat 2 more times. That’s a grand total of 3 triangles for only 18 total burpees but it felt like 118 with all those bear crawls!

2. We came back to our mats for a Dirty MacDeuce: Exercises were done in a 4 count cadence for 12 reps. We did Merkins, Sumo Squats, and Twisting Roll Dows (abs) and then took a large lap around the parking lot. Rinse and repeat for a total of 4 rounds.

3. Dominoes: We finished up with just enough time to do a round of dominoes. Pax made a line. Everyone held plank while we passed 2 Absolutions down the line. After you finished your absolutions, you flipped over into crab. (You can crabcake or tricep dip while holding crab to make it a little more intense). We did one more round starting at the opposite end.

We finished up right at time so we circled up quickly, said a quick prayer, and did name o rama! Thanks for coming out on this Monday morning! It was great to see your faces again! I missed you all last week!

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