Butt Baby it’s Cold Outside!!

11 PAX at AO Foxtrot – Out getting it done on a very chilly and slightly windy Saturday morning. The sun was shining and we ran to keep warm. Our positive attitude and being together got us trough the workout. No FiA left behind!!

Warm-up – Stretch – Runner stretch, sky reaches, leg pulls, arm pulls, TTT, jumping jacks & tree climbers.

The Thang

Tabata – Do each exercise for 45 sec all the way through all exercises and then repeat.

1st set :

A. Donkey kicks alternate

B. Sit up bring right leg up and clap behind knee, alternate doing sit ups

C. Squat till butt touches bench then right back up. Don’t sit.

D. Push-ups

Run a big lap – Do the exercises on the cards on the cones when you get to each cone.

2nd set :

A. Plank

B. Toe touches – on your back

C. Superman

D. Bicycles – full leg extension

Run a big lap – Do the exercises on the cards on the cones when you get to each cone.

3rd set :

A. Plank jacks 

B. Triceps dips

C. Jump squats

D. Inch worm

Run a big lap – Do the exercises on the cards on the cones when you get to each cone.


Dear Lord,

You walk beside us, each moment of each day.

You know us by name, see each joy and sorrow.

You created within us a gentle capacity to love and nurture.

You gave us understanding and patience in a troubled world.

You laid upon us the responsibility to carry and care for new life.

You released us to run and dance, to sing and create.

You crafted in us sharp minds that are able to solve problems and see possibilities.

You desire each of us to live life to the full, embracing your love for us and extending grace to others.

You gave your life so that we could walk free to build your kingdom on earth as in heaven.

We lay our lives before you and trust in your unfailing love.

Guide us  –   Heal us  –  Touch us

And lead us to reflect more and more of your life within our own.


Name-o-roma with much respect, prayers for our FiA sisters and their families going through a lot, & high fives for everyone. Then we coffee-ed it up like the best of them. Thank you to Partly Cloudy for bring all the good stuff every Saturday!! 

Reminders – Fill up your Bingo Cards till January 31, the 12 mile Ruck is Sunday January 27 at 1:30PM, AR Workshop is Feb 8th, The Spring Fling is March 27th and the May social Wine & Cheese Party is May 18th.

Thank you to one of my FiA family Q’s Bean, for letting me use parts of your workout and the beat-down title. Appreciate you girl!!

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