CALA Timer

There were 5 lovely ladies this morning at the #hideout for the CALA timer beatdown. This was a revamped one from a previous Q and the PAX agreed it was a good one! We started with some arm circles and leg stretches as I explained the Thang and we finished warm up with TTT in cadence.

The Thang

We got to it quickly with several rounds of Cardio-Arms-Legs-Abs with 40 second intervals and 10 seconds between exercises. At the end of each set of 4 we took a lap and got some water. The exercises included:

Round 1

Cardio – high knees, jumping jacks, squat jumps

Arms – bicep curls, hallelujahs, upright rows

Legs – sumo squats, alternating lunges, donkey kicks with pulse at top

Abs – dollys, Bourbons, penguins

Take a lap and get water

Round 2

Cardio – butt kicks, jump rope, mountain climbers

Arms – overhead press, tricep kickbacks, push ups

Legs – narrow squats, curtsy lunges, hold chair

Abs – russian twists, reverse crunches, raggedy anns

Take a lap and get water

Round 3

Cardio – high knees, star jumps, butt kicks

Arms – around the worlds, shoulder taps, moroccan night clubs

Legs – PAX choice squats, back lunges, side lunges

Abs – imperial walkers, LBCs, hold plank

Take a lap and get water

We finished with 2 minutes left so we stretched and then circled up for prayer requests (Mackenzie, Lincoln, Bourbon, Shrinky Dink’s trip, Inspector Gadget’s grandfather, and all the unspoken ones) and name-o-rama. We sweated this morning for sure and here’s hoping that next Friday brings different weather! Enough of the Hotlanta!

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