Cardio then Hardio

10 Pax came out to beat the clock at the Den with a Cardio+ Hardio HIIT circuit workout.  It was warm and super humid but these ladies pushed hard to get #bettertogether.

Heres the Thang!

warm up with some arm circles, leg/quad stretch and windmills in cadence

We let the timer do the work again with 6 minutes on the clock with intervals of 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off while alternating between two exercises at the time. That means we did 3 rounds of each exercise pair. We did a cardio set followed by strength sets. There was a 1 minute recovery after each 6 minutes of work. We completed 6 intervals of 6 minutes for a total of 12 exercises:

Squat jumps + mountain climbers

Goblet Sumo Squats + push ups

High knees + Toy Soldiers

Shoulder press + dead lifts

Butt kickers + skaters

Russian twist + LBCs

After a total sweat-fest we circled up for some quick announcements. Prayers for Tiny Dancer and her eye issues, Bourbon and her injury, Harley Quinn and her cold, Shrinky Dink and her cold, and all the others traveling, facing challenges and requests unspoken.

I’m so proud of these beautiful ladies climbing out of bed early to get their workout done and having a powerful start to Tuesday. Life throws in curves, stresses, anxieties and challenges. Somehow those are always handled a little better when you have support from good friends and some good exercise. Thanks for making me a better person in the process y’all. ❤️ Whole Coconut

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