Cardio with a Kick

With weather forecast of wet & 38 degrees, my goal was to keep everyone (6PAX) warm.  I’m proud to say, “Mission Accomplished!”  I started brainstorming for cardio movements that would keep us under the pavilion and out of any rain.  Including the Warmup, Tabata Entre(s), Dessert Stretches, and After-Dinner-Abs, we had a good meal fitting for Thanksgiving weekend.

Warm up:  *Read Disclaimer

10 reps each: Chair squat, Sumo squat with sun salutation arm thing, Toy Soldiers, and Slow ham/glute stretch “through the tunnel.”

10 seconds each: Roll Neck, Arm circles, Arm flaps (I call them “Michael Phelps”), Oblique twists, March, standing Runner & Glute/Figure 4 stretches R&L side.


-Round 1: 60 seconds work & 10 seconds rest, with 60 seconds rest between courses (24min)

-Round 2: 30 seconds work & 5 seconds rest, with 30 seconds rest between courses (12min)

Course 1:

Soccer feet with running arms (use hand weights, curb, or bring cinder blocks)

Fast Feet with punching arms (Channel your inner Rocky)

High knees with jack arms

Snowshoe legs and arms

Zumba cross body bicycle crunch (cross body elbow to knee while jumping)

Heel tap with Kayak arms

Course 2:

Bench step-ups with Right leg first

Tricep Dips

Bench step-ups with Left leg first

Pushups (try decline! Modify w/ incline)

Alternating forward/reverse lunges (L-forward, L-back, R-forward, R-back)

Alternating Curtsy Lunges with 1 hallelujah b/t

Course 3:

Grand Battement – R leg: Front, Side, Back, Side…

Grand Battement – L leg: Front, Side, Back, Side…

Clock Torso stretch/Ab workout – reach arms up high to Noon, and go clockwise till 3, turn and face floor, continue to 6,…9,12. Reverse direction, continue.

Lunges with Left leg on bench first

Lunges with Right leg on bench first


Abs: Koumaya Abs (6 minutes) – “Belly Button to spine. Close the ribs. Long Neck. Start with a crunch”


Stretch all the things

COT w/ reading from Jesus Calling for 11/24

NameORama with addition of something we are thankful for.

Coffeteria & another day to be thankful.

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