Carpool Friday

Summit Preblast (for Monday): Spartan Burn

July 12, 2019

  • When: 07/12/2019
  • Q: Tiny Dancer
  • Pax: Yellowstone, Tiny Dancer

Yellowstone and Tiny Dancer rocked it out this Friday morning at the Hideout.

(Look I’m Using A Filter!)

Tiny Dancer adapted her “Parking Cars” beatdown and sweat was definitely dripping.

Warmup: Mosey’d, then did some stretches


PAX do one station and then one mode of transportation.  Repeat until all 10 of each completed.

10 Stations:

  1. 10 Yurpees (Clap pushup & tuck jump burpees)
  2. 10 Bourbons
  3. 10 Spiderman Pushups
  4. 10 Boat-Canoes
  5. 10 Jump Squats
  6. 10 War Hammers (Big girl situp with Russian Twist)
  7. 10 Wall Balls
  8. 10 Springing Tripods (Like a crabcake except feet stay on ground and arms switch with airborne time between)
  9. Brock Shuffle (pushup position, raise left arm and move right knee to where left arm was.  Return to starting position.  Repeat other side. Keep abs tight)
  10. 30 Second Frozen V-sit

10 Modes of transportation:

  1. Mosey
  2. Duck Walk
  3. Gorilla
  4. Crawl Bear (backwards Bear Crawl)
  5. Mario Brothers Skip (Big Skip)
  6. Side Shuffle
  7. Toy Soldier
  8. Long Jump
  9. Cartwheel
  10. Sprint



Prayer for safe travels and husbands’ jobs.

Off to start the day and a grocery run before getting home.  Thumbs Up!

Sarah Melton

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