Catching Flies- The Venus Flytrap add

When your 8-yr-old comes home excited about an abs exercise she learned in PE then you gotta use it. That’s what we did today out at Foxtrot, we did 5 rounds of 1 minute of the Venus flytrap, of course we did so much more too!

Today was a beautiful, sunny morning, with lots of activity in the Park and on the playground. There were several 2.0s hanging out with us on the playground and their laughter and play just added to the light mood today! We had a lot of fun and laughs and truly worked on #bettertogether.  The pic from this morning is perfect with a sweet toddler photo-bomb- we are moms, daughters, sisters, friends, neighbors, and a village coming together at our beat downs setting the example for our youth of what strong women look like.

The Thang:

warm up with arm swings, circles, SSH in cadence, windmill in cadence

After warm up we moved to the beat down of 5 exercises for a minute each with 12 seconds in between to adjust and then run a lap. 5 more on the list, another lap and rest and we started the list again. We all know I dislike counting, so the interval timer worked it’s magic and drove us through the list 1 minute at the time… with 12 seconds to pick up or put down weights. The first 5 were: squat to press, lying overhead extensions with dumbbell, chest press on mats with dumbbells, clamshells for a minute each side, then 1 minute of Venus flytrap. We ran a lap, got water and then did the next 5 which included: curtsy lunges, bicep curls, plank for 1 minute, donkey kicks for 1 minute each leg and then back to Venus flytrap again. We then need did another lap and grabbed more water. We repeated all 10 exercises 2.5 times through. The days beat down ended with COT, prayers, announcements and name o Rama.

** important- Flock It 5k event plus finish line party on Sunday 8/25 at Etowah Park starting 6pm; remember to register or volunteer for 9/11 5k event on 9/7; still room to join one of the half marathon training groups!

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