Center Square and Catch 55

10 amazing ladies joined me bright and early this morning at The Union! They were ready to get after it, and start their week off right! 💪🏼

We first did some stretching while I talked to them about how this beatdown was set up:

Big arm circles forward x 10

Big arm circles back x 10

A couple more leg and shoulder/arm stretches, and we were off to the races!  We ran a large loop around the parking lot, and dropped a few mats in a corner where we knew we would need them.

The Thang:

We started off by getting our juices flowing, and heart rates up!  We used the bus lanes to do what I lovingly call Catch 55.  We ran from lane 1 to lane 5, stopped and did one catcher (drop to a squat and put hands up as if you were a catcher for the Braves, then drop hands to the ground to a high plank, with legs hopped back in a wide stance, and hop back up to catcher stance, then jump into the air. Like a burpee, but without the push-up, and adding in a low squat).  From lane 5, we ran to lane 10, and did 2 catchers. This continued running every 5 lanes, and adding an additional catcher each time. We went to lane 25, turned around, and did it all the way back to the start. This was a total of 55 catchers! Thanks for the suggestion Bourbon! 😉

We grabbed a sip of water, and then on to “Center Square”.  This was set up with cones at the farthest point of the parking lot in all 4 corners. Then there was also one cone in the middle of the lot.  First corner was merkins. Reps were as follows: 10, 15, 20, 25.  We started with 10 merkins, and ran to the center cone. You had to run to the center cone after you completed every corner. The center cone was 7 star jumps.  The 2nd corner was narrow squats with a leg kick back.  These were counted each side, so we did 10 on each leg for the first round.  Then off to the center (7 star jumps), and on to corner 3.  This corner was boat canoes.  Same with 10 reps, and this is where we had dropped mats at the beginning of the workout.  Then to the center (7 star jumps), and on to corner 4 where we did static lunges (with weights), starting with 10 each side. These are when you get into a lunge stance, and lunge low so that you press your back leg’s knee as close to the ground as you can w/o touching it.  Then you press up, and repeat. We did these with weights by our sides as well.

Static Lunge  👇🏼

Then back to the center of course (7 more star jumps), and back to corner 1 where we started. Each round increased in reps as stated above (10, 15, 20, 25).

I used this parking lot at the AO specifically because I knew it would allow us to run more.  The ladies did awesome, and killed it! 😊👏🏼💪🏼

One small hiccup though was the bus drivers. Apparently they needed to get to work on time, so they were coming in hot, and jumping into their buses!  We had to move the corners around to make sure we were not in their way.  Note to self, maybe use the other side of the building where there are no buses, if we need to use the whole parking lot. 🤦🏼‍♀️

We ended with some much needed stretching led by Valor (thank you!), and circled up (sweaty as hell) for prayer requests.  We prayed for this amazing day, our strong bodies, and our families.  We prayed for all of the teachers, Moms, Dads, and those who help raise our babies, to be given grace, patience and sanity through these last few weeks of school.  We also prayed for our littles, and their health as we end the school year.

Name-o-Rama was next, and then we headed off to start our week!

Thank you ladies for joining me this morning!  It was awesome, and I loved spending it with you!!!


Chocolate Chip will be gathering funds for Macedonia’s free lunch program soon, so be on the lookout for that.  Also, start having your kids decorate paper bags for this if you haven’t already!

Keep checking off those Bingo Boxes!!!

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