Challenge = Change

I am so grateful for these 8 strong ladies that showed up with me this morning for a self-challenging beat down! After the disclaimer & brief explanation of the workout we warmed up with front/side kicks (IC), arm circles (F/B) then ran a lap.


We started with a song challenge – Get Low (DJ Snake) – Squats/squat pulses during the Get Low Chorus & Moroccan Night Clubs throughout

Tabata Legs, Arms & Abs – AMRAP/40 sec, 10 sec rest. The (self) challenge was to do AMRAP then do just one more rep.   *When you think you have done all that you can do…do just one more!

Leg – Ski Squats, Abs – Penguins, Arms – Scarecrows, Abs – Russian twists, Legs – Calf raises, Abs – Leg lifts, Arms – Merkins, Abs – Raggedy Anns

We only had time for 3 rounds because we ended up doing a lap in between each round to loosen up. We did have a couple of min left so we ended with a song challenge/stretch – Culo (Pitbull) – (Fast/to the beat) Torso twists throughout the song, dead lift/stretch when he said bend over.

My inspiration for this workout was from the preblast meme that I posted. “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”. We have to get out of our comfort zones, boxes, couches, pantries, etc…We all know those sayings…blah blah blah. I don’t need to repeat them, but they do start to make sense after a while. Just know that we are in this together!

We ended with COT & a prayer after I shared my inspirational quotes that really spoke to me as I created this workout. We did Name-0-Rama then named our FNG, War Eagle. Welcome Tiffany! She is from Alabama & a huge fan of Auburn. Thanks ladies! See you next time!

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