Christmas Around the World

18 Pax joined us for our Saturday Foxtrot Beatdown!  It wasn’t raining, it was beautiful.

We started with some stretching, my favorite mat number warm up game, then an Indian Run around the playground.  We said our favorite Christmas movie as we sprinted to the front of the line.

We counted off to form 3 teams.  Then we got started on our Thang:

Christmas Around the World

Each team had a list of countries.  Next to each country is how to say Merry Christmas and a matching exercises.  The team started down the list with each country, saying Merry Christmas in the native expression and completing the matching exercise listed while 1 person runs to the field to find the cone that has the country labeled on it.

Under each cone was a bag of cards that contained some information about Christmas in that country and the next exercise for the team to do together.  The person running brings the card back to the team, reads the info, and then completes the listed exercises.  Each team worked their way down the list until they made it around the world.

England – Happy Jacks.  The Queen’s speech is divine.  Curtsy to the queen.  25 Curtsy Lunges each side.

Germany – Windmills.  Time to find your Tannenbaum.  25 woodchops each side, 25 thrusters.

Netherlands – Zig Zag Hops.  The bells are ringing, Sinterklaas is here.  Ring your bells.  25 kettlebell swings each side.

France – Jump Squats.  You ate all the chocolate in your advent calendar and enjoyed Reveillon.  Take a lap!

Russia – Russian Twists.  It is Christmas Eve and we fast until the first star appears.  Jump for joy when you see it.  25 star jumps.

Italy – Bear Squats.  It is Christmas Eve and time for the Feast of seven fishes.  Do 25 crab cakes and 25 crab jacks.

Sweden – Glute Bridges.  Careful with your crown of candles.  25 Figure 4 Squats with each leg.  Hold candlestick for 60 seconds.

Israel – Hallelujahs.  Nazareth is one of the few towns that publicly celebrates Christmas.  They have a parade to represent the journey of Mary and Joseph, followed by fireworks.  Lungs walk around the playground.

Brazil – Butt Kicks.  Time for the Os Pastores!  (Christmas play)  You are the Donkey.  25 donkey kicks each side.

Australia – Kangaroo Hops.  It is time for caroling.  Let me hear your favorite song.  Hold chair and sing for 60 seconds.

Canada – skaters.  Canadians go mummering.  It is like caroling, but people dress in disguises and come to party and eat.  You may or may not know your guests!  25 mountain climbers and 25 monkey humpers.

Mexico – Flutter kicks.  Bust open that piñata!  25 Bicep Curls, 25 Side Extensions, and 25 Tricep Kickbacks.

Mince all teams completed their Christmas journey around the world, we had time for one last little thing.

You have all heard Baby Shark, but did you know there is a Santa Shark??!!!  We did the Ab challenge to Santa Shark.

V-sit during the first round.  Then scissor kicks.  Then one leg up/down.  Then both legs up. Then knee to face.  Then boat canoes.  Then flutter kicks.  Flip over and do Mt. Climbers.  Then flip back over and do the arm swipe.  Then last do Arm cross jazz hands.  Oh man, was that an AB challenge!

It was a fun workout with lots of laughter and Christmas joy.  We closed with a prayer, our COT, and our Name-o-rama.  Then we jumped right into our coffeteria and white elephant.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  It was so much fun celebrating with my fellow FiAs.  I love you guys!!

❤️, ⛅️

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