Christmas Eve Present BD

10 PAX at AO The Thicket for the Christmas Eve Present Beat down 2018

Leg stretches and arm stretches as a group.

Play the game “Have you ever?!”

Yes – right – full-body skipping

No – left – grapevines 

1-Have you ever been skydiving? 

2-Have you ever been to The Caribbean?

3-Have you ever run a full or half Marathon?

4-Have you ever been on a hot air balloon?

5-Have you even tried green eggs & ham?

6-Have you ever been scuba diving? 

7-Have you ever been on the north rim of the Grand Canyon? 

8-Have you ever been to Disneyland? 

9-Have you ever been canoeing down the Colorado River? 

10-Have you ever been zip lining?

The Thang – 

Run a lap!

Pick a gift – open it – do the exercise & reps count on the Christmas paper that is warped in with the gift. All FiA’s opened a gift. 

Run a lap!

Next person pick a new gift or take another open gift and we all do the exercise again. All FiA’s open a gift or steal a gift. 

Run a lap!

We all wrote our FiA names with your legs, an ab exercise! Valor had to write hers twice. Hehehe. 

Stretch exercise with Christmas 🎄 words. Spelling out the Christmas worlds while counting the reps. 

Example- Santa with Jumping Jacks. 

 “S” 1, “A” 2, “N” 3, “T” 4, “A” 5. 

We did 5 jumping jacks. 

“J” 1, “O” 2, “L” 3, “L” 4, “Y” 5. 

We did 5 Toy soldiers. 

We did 10 Christmas words total. Some long words and some were short. We changed up the exercise with each word. 

COT, payers, nameorama, laughed a little, exchanged a few gifts so they would go home with the ones they would fit, had coffee, rice crispy treats and warm fresh muffins made by Smooth Operator. Thank you they were so good! The weather was beautiful, the sun was out and the FiA’s were smiling. It was a great start to a great day. Happy Christmas Eve beautiful friends!! 

Wonder Woman January monthly challenge!! 

I challenge you to walk, run or Ruck 2 miles every day in January. Ran or shine. Inside on a treadmill or track or outside. With a friend, your kids or just on your own. Keep your fitness going into the new year. 

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