Circle of Trust & Fragmented AMRAP

11 PAX showed up to a gorgeous full moon today at the Den!!! The highs were in the 70’s already so we knew we were going to sweat!

The Warm-up

Arm Circles, Static stretches, Butt Kicks, Toy Soldiers IC

then i quickly explained what we were doing and got started….

Circle of Trust

PAX formed a circle with their weights in hand and I placed a cone and card in front of each of them…. each card had a exercise to be performed AMRAP while one person does 30 kettlebell swings (the pacer PAX) after we finish we take a small lap around the circle and move to the next station. These were the stations I used:

30 Kettlebell swings

Push-up Jacks


Right Arm Row

Goblet Squats

Left Arm Row

Weighted Lunges

Mt Climbers which i swapped to Butt Kicks because there was so much gravel it was slippery

Sumo Deadlifts w/ High-pull

Weighted Ski Jumps

Bicep Curls

Once we all made it around the Circle of Trust we moved to our mats for the next AMRAP….

Fragmented AMRAP

This should be done in a set amount of time (i.e. 20 mins)

PAX can do the exercises and moseys in any order they choose (for the sake of time we just went in order)- I did have pens and post-its though…

I placed cones a few parking spots down for a distance to mosey to and the concept is we do all ten exercises in any order then choose a mosey to travel with to the cones then sprint back and start again!!!! We made it through about 4 rounds!!

COT & Name-O-Rama

We had a FNG to name to we wrapped it up a minute or two early…. welcome M & M!!!!! She got her name to represent miracle mama/maker because after fighting leukemia years ago twice and Dr.’s telling her she would never have kids she not only created one beautiful baby but 2!!! making her a miracle maker/mama!!! Welcome to FIA M & M

Circled up once more to pray for Maddox having surgery today (Partly Cloudys 2.0), Nancy( Hallmarks MIL) who is feeling ill while visiting, Caddy Shack with her cast and Rise Up who is struggling with her only baby starting elementary school soon and mama is sad and torn about what to do next!!!! Plus all our unspoken requests and traveling FIA’s!!

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