Circles are Better Together

It’s that time of year again when math nerds and people who want to look like math nerds can celebrate together the wonder that is Pi.  3.14 that is.

So, in honor of this deliciously nerdy week, I thought it fitting to plan a Q around (ha, you see what I did there ;-)) circles.

7 PAX enjoyed this sunny circular workout:  Hairspray, Peacemaker, Valor, Canon85, Stitch, Homeland, Tiny Dancer.

First, we arranged our mats and weights in a circle, of course.  Then we began.

Warmup: I.C.: Cross Country Skiers, Toy Soldiers, & 3 BOPOs (with Valor) [Yeay Bingo Box!]

Medicine Man (aka Indian run with a medicine ball): Ball starts being carried by the front person and PAX continue to pass it backward until the last person, who then runs it to the front of the line.  The passing and running repeats until all have gone.  *Chuckling, we could use some practice.  Props to Homeland who had to run the ball uphill!

Ring of Fire: (2x means: Two people on opposite sides of the circle started the movement, so each person did it twice by the time the exercises got back around.)

10 Pushups & Plank (2x)

1 BOPOs & Air Chair (2x)

10 Crab Cakes & Frozen Crab cake (2x)

30 Hallelujahs & oblique side bends in wide squat (2x)

10 Bear hops & Bear hold (2x)    (These were No Joke!)

(*Intermission! Around the World: Lunging & Battements “Around the world” for 2:00 of the 7:00 song due to time.)

20 Hillbillies & Calf raises (2x)

10 Superman & Swimmers (2x)  (We ended Ring of Fire here & went to Carousel b/c time.)

5 Frog jumps & Russian twists     (But if it had been 60min, we could have done whole thing)

5 Tony Hawk Burpees & Jumping Toy Soldiers (2x)

20 Boat-Canoe & Cross legged crunches (2x)

Carousel (aka Partner leg ab throws) & Reverse crunches between leg throws

Cool Down & Stretch on mat: glutes, hamstrings, legs

COT: while still stretching on mats: (Benefit of already being in a circle!)

Nameorama: while Toy Soldier-ing

And there you have it FiAs.  A sweaty reminder that Circles are done #BetterTogether.

~Tiny Dancer

Originally posted to FiA Nation