Climb down the ladder

With the end of school count down and festivities, our group was smaller than usual. We missed some of our regulars today! 5 PAX came out today! It was hot so we opted to be under the pavilion for shade.

Warm ups: Sun Gods forward and backwards. In cadence, we did windmills, hillbillies and through the tunnel.

The Thang

We did a ladder work out, starting at 15 of each exercise, run a lap, then 14, run a lap, etc. In hindsight we probably should have started at 10. Since we took so long to get through 15, 14, and 13, we skipped to 5-1 with no lap. Here were the exercises:

push ups



bicep curls


reverse crunches

overhead press

plank jacks

jlos or hip dips

tricep kickbacks

curtsy lunges


when we were done we stretched, did COT and name-a-rama.

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