Climb the walls

We had 7 PAX show up ready for action. We set up our mats at the bottom of the grass seating stairs. We warmed up a bit while I explained what we were going to do. Kodak had to leave partway through because they were getting new counter tops. Can’t wait to see them!

The Thang

Deck of cards. Hearts = Bicycle, Diamonds = Curtsy lunges, Clubs = Merkins, Spades = Raggedy Anns (do exercise times number on card), Face Cards = Plank for 30 seconds, Ace = 10 Burpees.

We started at the top of the grass seats, pulled a card, ran down to the bottom to our mats, did the exercise, then back to the top for a new card. The grass seats are built in steps so some of the walls are harder to get on. This made the workout more challenging. We did this for 30 mins of our 45, and we are all getting really tried from climbing the walls, so we moved on to another exercise.

We gathered our stuff and went down to the flat lawn area for Carousel.

Then we did clock push ups, 5 at each turn.

Then we finished with yoga stretching.

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