College football kickoff

College football begins today so we got together to kick it off! 8 pax total for a competitive game of football.

First we warmed up while I explained the workout.

The thang

Kickoff = 5 burpees

Q1 – 8 mins

10 squats, 20 merkins, 30 (total) alternating lunges, 40 Superman’s, 50 mountain climbers and then reverse from 40. Run a lap if you finish b4 time runs out.

Q2 – 8 mins

10 plank jacks, 20 hammer curls, 30 bicycle crunches (total), 40 glute bridges, 50 chest fly, reverse and run a lap

Halftime = morraccan night clubs to song Get Low

Kick off = 5 burpees

Q3 – 8 mins

10 calf raises, 20 narrow squats, 30 LBC, 40 upright rows, 50 SSH, reverse and run a lap

Q4 – 8 mins

10 overhead press, 20 fire hydrants (total), 30 donkey kicks (total), 40 scarecrow, 50 skaters, reverse and run a lap.

each person was awarded points through out the game for challenges. We did imperial walkers while we totaled points. We had a tie between Mariposa and Bulletproof. We cheered them on while they did SSH till one gave up. Bulletproof was our champion and won a $5 Starbucks card.

We stretched, prayed and did name o Rama. Happy football season!

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