College Game Day

Well, even though College Football is in full swing, and some of our favorite teams have yet to “show up”, 8 awesome PAX showed up bright and early at the Union this morning to get-it-done.

We started with some warm up exercises/stretches, and did 10 jumping jacks in cadence, as well as toy soldiers.

Then we had to get to the game!

We took Highway 20 (aka Cumming Hwy) in Canton, GA to get to the game.  Most of us know this as a complete mess of a traffic jam when you try to pass through.  So we started with running a big loop around the parking lot, and also the lot in front of the school.  When we came back to where we started, we “got stuck” in the traffic on Hwy 20, so we had to air chair sit for 1 min, and then squat jump as far forward as we could x 10.  This was when the traffic started to move again :).  Then we ran the big loop again, and so on.  We did this 3 times with the song “Move Bi__h” by Ludacris playing in the background.

Once we were at the game, we had the coin toss to see which direction we would be starting.  Heads= 15 burpees and tails= 15 starjumps,  We “lucked out” and got tails.

Then on to the 1st Quarter.  We started on Offense, and were playing on the Offensive line for our team.  We had to bear crawl to the cones set out down the parking lot, then sprint back to the starting line.  We did this 4 times.

Next was 2nd Quarter, and we were playing Defense.  There were cones set up in a large square in the parking lot, but as the Q, I should have considered the amount of PAX that would be doing it all at once.  Oops!  We had to split into 2 groups, one on either side of the parking lot so that we had room to spread out.  Playing defense, we got down into a low squat position, and side shuffled with our hands up as if we were trying to block any passes.  We went left to right between the cones, and did a burpee when we got to each side, then a huge squat jump forward, and then back to the other side.  We zig zagged our way up the parking lot.

Next was Halftime, so we needed a musical performance.  We did Figure 8 arms in tempo to the song “Money Maker” by Ludacris.  These are 8 full bicep curls, 8 half low curls (start at bottom and only come up halfway), 8 half top curls (start halfway up with elbows at your sides and curl to shoulders), then 8 full bicep curls.  We did this until the song ended, and it was definitely a burn out!  We also imagined that we were drinking and eating every time we brought the weights up to our faces, so next we needed to work off all of those halftime snacks!

3rd Quarter was all about the abs.  We pulled out our mats, and did these exercises while pushing to not stop in between.  We did 2 rounds of these.

For 4th Quarter, we started with long punts.  We had to sprint down the parking lot like wide receivers, so we could “catch” the ball and take a knee.  Taking a knee meant that we lunge walked all the way back to the start.  We did this 2x before we ran out of time.

I had planned to be “stuck” at the bottom of the pile once we got to the end of the beatdown, but unfortunately we ran out of time.  If you have extra time though, do 20 merkins, 15 donkey kicks, and 10 donkey kick pulses at the top, all x 2. 🙂  This should help you get out from under all of those big smelly football players, ha ha!

Next we prayed for Chocolate Chip, and that her meeting goes well this morning.  We also prayed that we all take the opportunity to reach out to those who may not know God, or may need him in their lives at this time.  We prayed for all of our FiA sisters, and their families as well.

Lastly we circled up for name-o-rama, and jetted off to get our days started.

Everyone worked really hard this morning, and did an awesome job!  Thank you lovely ladies for joining me, and enjoying a little college gameday to get our week started off right!

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