Crazy Sock Labor Day

9 PAX & 8 – 2.0’s came to The Thicket on a beautiful Monday Labor Day morning. It was so nice to sleep in and still get a great workout with my amazing FiA lady friends. As I set up I introduced myself to our FNG’s. Rise- Up had convinced them to come and give it a go. They said at the end that they loved it!! WOOHOO!! I think we will have returning FiA’s. YEAH!

As the group continued to come in and set up I explained the “Game” AKA the workout for the day. We used the “Catch Phrase” game as our guide to keep us moving and grooving.

As one PAX was explaining what the word on the card was (without say the word, using hand-signals and relative words) we all did one exercise move that was pulled from the bucket of exercises by one of the 2.0’s.

A random timer was set by another 2.0 and the game was on. The whole time the timer was going the PAX did the exercise that was pulled from the bucket.

Example of some of the exercises – squats, Indian Run, arm circles, take a lap, mountain climbers, plank jacks, hold a plank, weighted hammer curls, push-ups, etc.

The card was passed from FiA to FiA after the word was guessed. If you were the one that was caught with the card in your hand describing the word when the timer went off… you did BURPEES! You need to move fast. We did a few burpees as a group and almost every PAX had one or more PAX’s that did a burpee with them. Never alone! Great sportsmanship ladies and great team work.

The game went on for 42 minutes. We keep it moving and we were sweating. The 2.0’s made it so much fun and they were laughing at us laughing and guessing the words on the cards. It was a great group working hard on the warm labor day.

The last few minutes we did a series of stretching and cool down. We had a COT, with a Namorama and prayers. We ended with naming our FNG’s. Welcome Goliath and Southern Charm.

It was amazing to have you with us. We look forward to seeing you soon at a workout. I had ask the FiA’s to wear their crazy socks to the workout. We had a few that joined me in the craziness.

Happy Labor Day ladies!!


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