Da Butt

5 hard core ladies joined me bright and early this morning at The Union! It was tough getting out of bed after a week away for Spring Break, but that did not stop them!  Always a great start to my week to see my beautiful FiA sisters!

We started off the morning with some stretching, because everyone knew from the preblast, that some legs and butts were getting ready to be worked!  Then a quick run to the end of the parking lot (to the tune of “You can do it” by Ice Cube), and we returned with our favorite Forest Gump character, Lt Dan in tow.  One squat, then 4 walking lunges, 2 squats, then 8 walking lunges, etc.., adding a squat and 4 lunges each time.  Always a great way to get your legs warm and burning! (Just fyi, all songs for this beatdown were booty themed for obvious reasons 🙂

Then on to the Thang:

To the song “2 Much Booty” by Down South, we started with dumbbell squats to overhead press x 30.  After 30 squats to press, we did 30 total back lunges, with a bicep curl every time we stepped back to lunge.  We focused on form and getting as low as we could on these. You can do these exercises on tempo with the song if you want to as well. Then we repeated the dumbbell squats to press, and so on, until the end of the song.

Next up was “Low” by Flo Rida.  We did legs lifts on our mats, bottom leg was bent back and top leg extended with foot flexed.  We did these to the beat, and did 40 on our right side first.  The tempo is pretty quick, so we were working hard to get them all in!  Then we turned over and did the same on our left side.  We did 2 sets of each.  Next we threw in some Stir the Pots (thank you Pintrest for the idea from your last beatdown!).  Right after we finished the 2nd set, we stayed on the same side and moved our flexed foot in a large circle x 15.  We only had time to do one set on each side before the end of the song.

We then did a quick run to the end of the parking lot and back, to loosen up our legs a bit.

Then on to “Drop it like it’s hot” by my main man Snoop Dogg.  We started with donkey kicks on our mats, and focused on squeezing our butt cheeks, pushing our heel up as far as we could, and pulling in our core.  We did 15 with the right leg first, and then 15 pulses at the top.  All of this was to tempo with the song.  After the pulses, we pointed our toe, and extended our leg.  Then we “touched down” (I challenged the ladies to not actually touch the ground on this, but go down as far as they could) our toe on the left side of our bent leg under us, and then up to the middle, and then back down on the right side.  We counted to 10 total, and then pulsed up with our leg extended directly behind us, and toe pointed, up x 15.  All of this still to tempo with the song.  Then we switched to our left leg, and did the same thing.  We continued back and forth until the song ended.  This one was awesome for our booties for sure!

Next was “Back that azz up” by Juvenile.  Back down on our mats on all 4s, we started with fire hydrants on our right leg.  We did 15, and then pulsed up for 15 on that same side.  Then switched to our left leg for more of the same.  This was again all on tempo with the song, and we switched between sides until the song was over.  This one had is all burning!!

Then on to “Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk” by Trace Adkins (had to throw some county music in there too!).  This one had a little cardio, core, and legs all in one.  We started with a half burpee (no jumping) by putting our hands down on the mat, then jumping our legs out straight and feet together behind us.  Then did a frogger and jumped our legs up on either side of our hands, stood up, and immediately went into a curtsy lung on one side, then curtsy to the other.  We did these over and over until the end of the song.  These can be done at your own pace.

Then another quick run to the end of the parking lot and back (to the song “Da Butt” by E.U.), to loosen up for the finale.

Last but definitely not least, we did Sally to “Flower” by Moby.  Let me tell you, by the time we got to this one, our legs were barking at us.  Squat with or without weights to this song, and raise up when it says “Green Sally Up”, then down when it says “Green Sally down”.  Hold each position between these, until it tells you to move up or down.

We ended with some stretching, and even some yoga stretches for our tight legs (thank you Tiny Dancer!).

We took prayer requests, and lifted up our FiA sisters who are healing from sickness, and those hurting from tough times they are going through.  We prayed for our families, and thanked God for all of his many blessings.

Then on to our Name-o-rama, and we headed out to start our week!

Thank you ladies for joining me this morning!  I hope all of our booties are that much closer to looking perfect in our swimsuits!!!


Make sure you are checking off those Bingo Boxes!!!

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