Death by Bodybags and ATMs

We had 8 Pax come out this morning despite a preblast of body bags. Crazy enlough- it was t the body bags that killed us- more on that later!

Warm Up: OYO chest openers, arm circles, side and center straddle stretch. IC SSH.

The Thang

It’s Bo Time! We moseyed over to the front lot to enjoy 2 Bojangles Biscuits. Sprint your straight aways and mosey the curves of the loop. Rinse and repeat for 2 full loops.

After getting a quick burst of cardio, we moved onto 7s. One end of the lot was prisoner squats and the other end was Body Bag Builders (Burpee plus plank jack and 2 mountain climbers). We finished those up rather quickly and headed back to the main lot to begin our 5-13-19 series.

5 ATMs- 15 IC alternating shoulder taps, 10 IC tempo Merkins, 10 Merkins. No rest. That’s 1. We repeated 4 more times. And everyone’s shoulders are done for today. DONE.

13 Bay City Scissors- 4 flutter kicks and 4 scissor kicks is 1. We did 13

19 Hot Potatoes- you and your partner sit toe to toe and pass weight each time you sit up. (One partner is taking weight overhead while other partner is doing a regular sit up, then pass the weight and switch) Each partner had the weight 19 times.

With about 10 minutes left, we went back to the front lot and finished off the day with 2 Boberry Biscuits. These are different than the original Biscuit. And by different I mean worse. Each loop get 10 blueberries AKA burpees.

We walked back to our main lot and did some stretching. Runners lunge with a reach and twist. Straddle stretch. Shoulder stretches. Finally we circled up and prayed together before our name o Rama! Welcome back Killa!

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