Deck of Despair

2 PAX showed up for the beatdown at The Rock tonight! We may have been small in numbers but we were mighty in spirit. We started with some quick warm ups and then got down to business with the Thang!

The Thang:

Deck of Despair – We played 2 rounds. The first round was focused on Arms & Abs and the second round was Legs & Bums. Reps were the number on the face card.  I made sure to add in some of the monthly challenge exercises in their too.

Round 1 – Arms/Abs

♠ – Overhead Press

♣ – LBC

♥ – Scare Crow / Chicken Wing

♦ – Bicycles – (Each leg)

Kings/Queens – Hallelujahs (20) reps

Jacks/Aces – Take a lap

Round 2 – Legs/Bums

♠ – Plie Squats

♣ – Lunges (PAX choice/each leg)

♥ – Glute Bridges

♦ – Donkey Kicks

Kings/Queens – Bear Squats (10) reps

Jacks/Aces – Take a lap

Name O Rama & COT:

We circled up and named our new FNG – Nightingale! We said a quick prayer for those traveling this week, Sporty’ niece, Shrinky Dink’s hubby, and Mackenzie.

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