Decks of Death in the Rain

Despite Hurricane Michael’s best attempts to rain our parade, 10 amazing PAX arrived for their rainy and windy Beatdown.  We are so thankful that Hurricane Michael blew through and took our 90 degree weather with him.  But we are so saddened and hurt by the destruction and devastation that came with it.  We are praying for everyone on the Panhandle and in the South that are faced with loss and displacement.

We had wind and we had rain, but we had no excuses.  We met at the snack shack, which is our only bit of cover at Foxtrot, and it really is just a little bit.  With the wind, I knew our mats would get soaked, so I wanted to do a matless workout – stay on our feet the whole time.

We started with a warmup.  We rotated our neck slowly, then our hips.  We did arm swings and single leg swings to loosen up our limbs.  Then we stretched our quads and did some ankle hops.  I had preblasted that we would be running in the rain a bit, so we jumped into those puddles with a quick lap around the snack shack.

The Thangs: Decks of Death

We broke into 2 groups so we could stay under the little roofs.  Each group had a deck of cards and a list of exercises.  We went around a circle drawing cards and doing the associated exercises.  Number cards were the rep values, face cards were 10 reps, and Aces were 15 reps.  The Catch – I put little pieces of my handy blue painters tape on 8 cards in each deck.  When those cards were pulled, we had to do the exercises, then take a lap in the rain.

We set the timer for 12 minutes and got to work.

Group 1:

Clubs – Overhead Press

Diamonds – Standing Crunches

Hearts – Monkey Humpers

Spades – Jump Squats

Group 2:

Clubs – Tricep Kickbacks

Diamonds – Hillbillies

Hearts – Tuck Jumps

Spades – Jump Lunges

Group 1 definitely pulled all 8 run cards!  And there was a lot of grumbling about all the jumping.  Those tuck jumps were killer.  So many hearts!!  When the timer went off, we switched exercises.  Thankfull, after the second 12 minutes round, the rain had stopped and we were able to join back together and stand outside the cover.

Round 3:

Clubs – Bicep Curls

Diamonds – Standing Oblique Twists

Hearts – Calf Raises

Spades – Curtsy Lunges

We managed to pull a run card as the very last one.  Thankful we were still able to workout, we didn’t mind the squishy shoes and the drenched flag.  We had fun despite the weather.

We closed with a prayer for all those affected by the hurricane.  For those going through the home buying and selling process, for those that are sick or hurting.  We did our name-o-Rama and made some announcements.  Then we all went on our way.

Our Screen on the Green is this Saturday!  The weather should be perfect.  Our paint party is Sunday – you can still register.  I hope to see everyone there!!

❤️, ⛅️

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